Future Sound of Secure Operating Systems

Today there will be a interesting broadcast on the local WTH-radio SubEther at 16:oo o’clock. Andreas Bogk will present his/their attempt, to do such an OS with Dylan. People from the Plan9-Team will also join in and talk about their “experiment” with Plan9.

Martin told the OpenBSD-people about the event; perhaps they will take the chance, and present themselves also…

I think one can expect kind of “a clash of the titans”;-)

P.S.: Weather is fucked up beyond everything here. But mood is still good.

PostgreSQL on FreeBSD

If you want to install PostgreSQL 8.0 on FreeBSD via the ports, you probably found this tutorial oder that info.

It seems to me, that some things changed. You better read your shell-output after installation; so you know what todo:

To initialize the database, run
/usr/local/etc/rc.d/010.pgsql.sh initdb

You can then start PostgreSQL by running:
/usr/local/etc/rc.d/010.pgsql.sh start