4 thoughts on “Waiting for Recepcio!”

  1. I cheated and took a train to the west coast and pedalled around there for a while! Congratulations on making it to Spain!


  2. Hi Jill,

    nice to read you!

    The way to Spain took us less time than we expected… But the day we crossed the border was really hard! The beach at zero, the citys at zero and in between THE MOUNTAINS!

    Ok, we’re both back to Germany and planning our next trips. I’am going do Danemark in the end of July… Perhaps we meet again on THE ROAD!


  3. Hey nice site. I will be checking in from time to time now that I am back in the US. I got to London on Jun 16. The weather has been great. After meeting Celia at the Heathrow Airport and spent two days in London. Traveled by auto (drive on the left) to Bath and spent two nights. Drove back to London and took the train to York for four nights. Returning to London stopped off in Newark for one night. London Heathrow to San Francisco in 10 hours. I will be on the road soon, no plan as yet, but soon.
    Next trip to Europe you will be hereing from me.
    Ride Safe, Michael

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