Bre hat beZEICHNUNGen für nicht auffindbare Leute im Netz gesammelt:

old, peoplenotonthenet, ghosts, dead, offliners, real-worldies, “people 1.0”, “the forgotten”, “the missing links”, “the missing”, “the forgotten”, offline, dinosaurs, businessmen, “the invisibles”, “the great uninitiated adults”, “the freeborn”, “digitally absent”, (un)deads, offliners, extranetizens, unborn, “smarter than the rest of us”, “pona:person of no account”, meatcentric, meatspace-exclusive, anonymous, unsearchables, amish, muggles, “the blanks”, “the linkless”, “rural reality zealots”, “sleeper agents”, “people who have no internet presence”, irlers, nonline, emuggles, regulars, luddites notizens, “person of no account”, under-linked, “the unacquanted”, “neti nots”, paranoid, “digitally (and otherwise) impoverished”, “the simply uninitiated”, nullone, morlocks, identaghosts, “the bitless”, nonetity, “web 3.0”, luddite, floaters, idiots, shadows, “the others”, “netonymous”, “pigeon coup group”, mundanes, transparnet

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